Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety, & Life Stressors

Do any of the following resonate with you?

-You feel like you can’t shut off your mind, battling with your thoughts.

-You feel stuck in difficult emotions, patterns, and self-judgement.

-You know you need to “process” your past, but don’t know where to begin.

-You feel disconnected from yourself, your relationships, and your needs.

-You find yourself replaying painful memories from the past.

-You just want to move on…

If so, I’m here to help. I am a compassionate and committed therapist with a mission to offer deep and lasting healing for my clients.

I help clients who are looking to dig deeper to understand themselves, the past, & the “why” behind their patterns. I believe that you are the expert on you and that my job is to provide you with the tools and guidance to understand yourself and reach your goals. I know that life rarely goes according to plan and can be filled with challenges and obstacles. You are not defined by your struggle; there is hope for healing.

Therapy for Life Transitions

Adulting is hard.

Perhaps you are going through a major life change such as a breakup, graduating from college, or starting a new job. You feel that the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and it seems that everyone else has it figured out except for you. Whether it’s stress about school, family, that ex you just can’t seem to get past, or work, therapy can help you work through these challenges and support your ability to move forward and gain confidence.

Trauma Therapy Using ART

Life’s challenges can feel dark, heavy, or even impossible to deal with.

You’ve probably heard that trauma rewires the brain…it actually rewires all parts of you. If you’ve been trying to make long-lasting changes through years of talk therapy, there’s a reason why you may not be making progress.
Trauma leaves an imprint in our amygdala, the brain’s fear center, making us easily triggered. Trauma can affect:
🧠 Thoughts & Beliefs: Your ability to think clearly and make decisions deeply influences your beliefs, like “I’m not good enough.”
❤️ Emotions: Overcoming emotional turbulence, feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, anger, and pain.
👥 Connections: Compromising connection with both ourselves and others.
💪 Physical Well-Being: Creating physical tension in muscles and joints, affecting sleep, body temperature, and the immune system.
True healing begins by helping the body find calm and safety.
ART is an eye movement therapy that is different from traditional talk therapy. You’ll find relief from the memories that play on a loop in your brain. And you don’t have to talk in detail about what happened, unless you choose too. With the use of the eye movements, we can rescript distressing memories and images stored in our brain so they no longer feel painful, overwhelming, and distressing. Clients report feeling relief in as little as 1-5 sessions. To learn more about ART, schedule a free consultation, or visit

Therapy for Stress & Anxiety

Worry. Fear. What-ifs. Stress.

Worry thoughts often impair our ability to be present, relax, and make connections with other people. In fact, Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges faced in the US. Anxiety is not a permanent state of being, although it can feel like that at times. Anxiety is something that can be managed and, with the right help, decreases over time. It is possible to feel present and at peace in the moment without your brain taking over. It is possible to wake up and go to sleep without your mind racing and your body feeling relaxed. Reach out today to get started and learn the tools to find relief from anxiety and reclaim your life.

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